VIRUTEX Multiguide PMT111 with extension

Artikel-Nr.: PMT111+ext

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Forget all your old templates with this new multiguide.

The PMT111 is an indispensable positioning guide for cabinetmaking, furniture manufacturing...

Reversible precission multiguide. It allows all drillings pitch 32 mm on cupboards, wardrobes, etc...





• Door and drawer handles

• Brackets for shelves

• Hinges

• Guides for drawers

and several other applications.


PMT111 T guide with extensions.

Standard equipment

Drilling bit Ø 5 mm included on standard equipment


PMT111 Dimensions: L 320 x l 215 mm
PMT111 with extensions dimensions: L 810 x l 215 mm
PMT111 weight: 0,35 kg
PMT111 with extensions weight: 1,20 Kg




Produkt Hinweis Status Preis
Set of 2 extensions for VIRUTEX PMT111 Set of 2 extensions for VIRUTEX PMT111
140,00 € *
VIRUTEX Multiguide PMT111 VIRUTEX Multiguide PMT111
145,00 € *
* Excl. MWST
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