For synthetics

For synthetics

For synthetics

End mills for milling plastics and reinforced plastics.

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Ideal for cutting plywood, Trespa, and (reinforced) plastics.

90.75 *
Endmill 2 flute 45° solid carbide PARATOOLING
21.60 *
Titman straight bit Z=2 for routing acrylics, plastics and perspex.
44.77 *
Titman bit for 'low melting point' plastics
38.97 *
Product no.: vgc80

Titman Engraver solid carbide 80°

70.18 *

Not in stock, Ask for delivery time

Product no.: ST3 uncoated

Paratooling VHM endmill 3 flute 30° Uncoated

JVL Straight fluted end mill (PCD). For milling, contouring (3D) and boring of composites, plastics, reinforced plastics, corian and SMC

193.60 *
Product no.: FMC45-12RT

With three cutters and 12 mm shank

217.91 €
204.49 *

Not in stock, Ask for delivery time

Product no.: 900.12.26.08

PCD straight router bit bottom cutting
Diameter 12mm
Shank 8mm

87.75 *

Still in stock

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