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Routers - Trimmers

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Product no.: FR66P

Router for wood and plastic materials. High precision and stability. Powerful 1,300 W motor

393.25 *
Product no.: FRE160P
Professional router for wood and plastic materials, equipped with electronic speed control.
550.55 *
Product no.: FRE317VD

Virutex FRE317VD. The only tiltable router. Powerful motor (2100 W) with electronic speed control from 12000 to 21000/min

1,282.60 *
Product no.: FR278R

Virutex FR278R router 1300watt

393.25 *
Product no.: FR217S

Virutex angle trimmer FR217S

531.64 €
514.25 *
Product no.: FR192N
302.50 *

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Product no.: FR156N
292.82 *
Product no.: AB111N

Virutex Jointing machine AB111N. The jointing machine AB111N is specially designed for slotting panels in any position.


387.20 *
Product no.: FR292R
The only trimmer capable of trimming the excess of the panel or edge surfaces flat or at any angle, whithout changing the bit.
441.65 *
Product no.: 2700000
356.95 *

ATTENTION !! Delivery time approx. 4 days

Product no.: 1700000

Machine specially designed for slotting wooden doors and windows for installation of sillicon insulating joints.

423.50 *

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Product no.: CR94D

This trimmer is specially designed for slotting doors and windows.

387.20 *

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Product no.: FR817T
Virutex Corner trimmer FR817T. Specially designed for trimming on the corners on the polishing of solid wood parquet or stairs.
465.85 *
Product no.: 5600510

Virutex Edge trimming set FR256N


399.30 *
Product no.: FR129VB/250

Special router for fitting hinges and all kinds of hardware for frames and doors. Max.clamp opening 250 mm

786.50 *

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Product no.: VIR-FR356Z

The FR356Z is a convertible multifunction router using different routing and trimming heads. Includes as standard a routing head providing a high precision routing and stability.

435.60 *

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