Flap Disc 125mm Non Woven Medium 5512204 Dronco

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Flap Disc 125mm Non Woven Medium 5512204 Dronco

The Dronco polishing flap disc delivers outstanding results through an innovative, highly effective grinding fleece arranged in a fan shaped lamella structur.

Especially adjusted for working on Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminium and Non Ferrous Materials.

Depending on the texture of the fleece these polishing flap discs are perfectly suitable for

Descaling and derusting work pieces
Preparing and repolishing welding seams
Preparing surfaces for varnishing
Polishing Stainless Steel
Surface processing

Highly effective for the use in Welding technology and metalworking.
Optimum results e.g. during the preparation of welding seams, the finishing if welding seams and removal of welding spillage in accordance with EN ISO 5817.
Removes oxide film/annealing colours after welding of pipes, containers and apparatus or after the plasma-arc cutting of stainless steel sheet metals in accordance with DIN 50930, DIN 25410, DVGW W541

Highly effective for the use in painting technology
Perfect to derust, removal of colours and prepare painting surfaces

Cleaning and polishing of unalloyed steel, high alloyed steel, aluminium and non ferrous metal.

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