Virutex PE60 Multiradius template

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Multiradius template for trimming circular or elliptical forms.

Ideal for manufacturing mirrors, windows, doors or any other decorative items by means of an elliptical or circular trimming. The use of the two guide supports (standard equipment) allows the elliptical trimming and the use of only one support allows the circular external trimming or moulding. The PE60 is also equipped with two suction pads for fixing it to the pannel to be trimmed. Thanks to them it is possible to trim in an easy way without perforating the surface. If it is not ossible to use the suction pads, there are several holes to fix the template using screws. Includes two rod guides diam.8mm fir using with all the Virutex routers.
Standard equipment: Template for trimming ellipses and circles, two suction pads, extendable guide and coupling system plus rods diam.8mm for Virutex routers.





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Set 10mm extension bars for Virutex PE60 Set 10mm extension bars for Virutex PE60
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