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Cutterhead with HW reversible knives and spurs on both sides rebating and edging.
190,00 €
140,00 *
N.º de producto: YS112AZM

The set, complete with 3 cutterheads and spacer rings, has been developed to make door profiles and counterprofiles with the maximum flexibility possible

575,00 *
N.º de producto: TH17TM20-30

Stark Adjustable chamfer cutter head 0 to 70 degrees
Hole 30mm

425,00 €
350,00 *

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N.º de producto: 052

JVL Jointing cutter PCD Z=3+3. Formatting of panel materials, coated or uncoated (coated with melmine and paper)

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N.º de producto: YS113AZM

This set has been conceived for various types of flooring and wall panels in variable wood thicknesses. Various cutterheads for producing five different types of wall panels

720,00 *

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