Virutex Electronic router COMBI FR356Z

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The COMBI router can be used with several heads

The FR356Z is a convertible multifunction router using different routing and trimming heads. Includes as standard a routing head providing a high precision routing and stability. Equipped with fast depth adjustment with 6 positions and lateral fence with fine adjustment and adjustable guides.

It is equipped with a powerful 1,000 W motor with electronic speed control and an electronic system to maintain constant speed under load.



His ability "COMBI" allows it to couple to different types of heads and may also perform not only routing jobs, but also trimming jobs or grinding. The optional trimming heads are equipeed with dust collector nozzle.

Input power: 1000 W
No-load speed: 14000 - 27000/min-1
Chuck collet: 8 mm
Weight: 3,8 Kg
Standard equipment

Routing head, lateral fence, dust collector connection, guide ring Ø 19 mm for dovetailing pitch plate 26 mm and service key.

Head 1 and head 2 are optional, NOT included in standard equipment
Optional accessories

5600060 CA56U Trimming head (1)
5646365 Trimming head (2)
5646343 Guide for corner trimming
6045665 Double fence
6446073 Standard dust collector attachment 3.5 m
1746245 Standard dust collector attachment 5 m

Guide rings

7722168 Ext. Ø 10 mm (for 6 mm bits)
7722120 Ext. Ø 12 mm (for 8 mm bits)
7722121 Ext. Ø 14 mm (for 10 mm bits)
7722122 Ext. Ø 16 mm (for 12 mm bits)
7722169 Ext. Ø 18 mm (for 14 mm bits)
7722118 Ext. Ø 20 mm (for 16 mm bits)
7722119 Ext. Ø 27 mm (for 23 mm bits)
7722114 Ext. Ø 30 mm (for 26 mm bits)
7722161 Guide for PL11 width 16 mm
7722123 Guide for PL11 width 26 mm
7722162 Guide for PL11 width 34 mm

Optional accessoires (use as a trimmer)
1222084 Chuck collet 6 mm
1222085 Chuck collet 6.35 mm (1/4”)
6446073 Standard dust collector attachment 3.5 m
6399082 Cantspray
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