HSS DMo5 AlTiCN circular saw blade 350 x 32 x 2,5 Z=180 - JVL Optimus

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JVL Optimus circular saw blade for metal 350 x 32 x 2.5 Z =180 HZ T6

- Multi-layer AlTiCN coating with a 3.0 µm thickness
- Best coating for cutting all kinds of material
- Top of the bill saw blade for heavy cutting conditions
- Can be used with emulsion or spray cooling
- Suitable for Flying cut off

With driving holes (MX) 2/8/45 + 2/9/50 + 2/11/63

Additional product information

Diameter (mm) 350
Hole (mm) 32
Hub (mm) 120
Thickness (mm) 2,5
Toothform HZ
Tooth pitch T6
Number of teeth 180


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Los precios no incluyen IVA

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